A Team of Doers
with Mind, Hand,
and Heart

Whether you’re a client whisperer or good with numbers, work well with your hands, or have a talent for organization, you can make a difference at ELA. We continue to grow as the world’s leading specialist in mobile room solutions in container form. The secret to our success is a strong team and an atmosphere of honesty and openness – at 24 loca...
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Sven Wösten

Head of the Assembly Station in Haren

Our doer who packs a punch: Sven and his team produce several hundred preassembled containers each week. Outside of work, he enjoys stepping into the ring as a Thai boxer.

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Berthold Röttger

Company lawyer and Head of Human Resources

Head of HR with good instincts: Berthold knows what it all comes down to in personnel management – at work and beyond. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and listening to hip hop, preferably on vinyl.

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Hannah Kiepe

Internal sales representative

Once ELA, always ELA: Hannah initially completed an internship for pupils and is now a key member of the internal sales team. She likes to spend her vacations traveling the world.

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Yama Rahman

Project manager

Yama enjoys a harmonious balance between working from home and at the office. Maintaining contact with his colleagues and a sense of belonging, in particular, are very important to him.

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Steffen Göpfert

Truck driver

Steffen has fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a truck driver. Engines also play an important role in his personal life, as he enjoys exploring the Ore Mountains on his motorcycle.

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Jasmin Schwering

Purchasing employee

Buyer with a recipe for success: thanks to her comprehensive apprenticeship at ELA, Jasmin has all the ingredients she needs to excel in her job as a buyer – and bake her irresistible cakes, to the delight of her colleagues.

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Fridor Boerma

Managing Director of ELA Container Nederland B.V.

Fridor, a passionate chef and host, has never regretted selling his company to ELA and assuming the role of Managing Director, as he continues to work in a family business – with the opportunities provided by a corporation.

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Beatrix Brinker


As a company accountant, Beatrix Brinker keeps an eye on the finances and balances the books at ELA. She also demonstrates her balancing skills as a karate practitioner.

Good to Know: Facts and Figures



Whether you’re actively planning your free time or future, you’ll find plenty of feel-good factors at ELA, including flat hierarchies, tailored training opportunities, flexible hours, the option to work from home, a company gym, a company fitness program and free massages.



Whether you’re firmly rooted where you are or have wanderlust, at ELA you can launch your career in Germany and worldwide, with a total of 24 locations to choose from. Our headquarters are located in Haren (Ems).



Achieve great things with a great team and even greater ambitions. ELA employs a total of 1,400 people with 43 different nationalities – throughout Europe. Of those, around 900 bright minds are helping to shape our future in Germany.



Our containers are just as unique as we are. We maintain an inventory of more than 60,000 leased containers, which can accommodate an endless range of innovative room solutions.